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"Start with my mind. Touch me there first. Run a fingertip along the edge of my fantasies. Learn where the sharp unexpected edges are, and revel in the feel of each deviant curve."

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3 Steps to Safe Fun!

1. Safety & Consent

Always practice SAFE and CONSENTUAL play. Take it slow, and have fun!

2. Needs & Boundaries

Communicate needs & boundaries. Always establish these before play!

3. Experiment & Aftercare

Experiment and have fun learning what you like. Don't neglect your aftercare!

Our FREE Gorean Position Guide

Our free guide is a great resource to give to your Submissive/Slave for them to study and learn. It contains a series of exciting commands, gestures and positions for your slave to follow.


This is a fan site dedicated to information about Dominant/Submissive BDSM culture.

Always Practice Safe consensual play.